06/08/2013 - First day (Sugar-free)


Breakfast (10:00 am)

- Sliced Mangos

- Cup of coffee (sweetened with truvia)

- 2 scrambled eggs

"Lunch" (4:30 pm)

- Cooked salmon

- Brocolli, caulliflower, tomato, lettuce, carrots and beetroot. (+ Olive oil)

"Dinner" (03:00 am)

- Cooked salmon

- Lettuce, carrots and beetroot (+ Olive oil)

- 2 bananas with honey

- I did eat some fruits and honey, although I didn’t eat any proper sugar. I’ll start avoiding those aswell the following days.

- I had a busy day… That’s why those messed up hours… I didn’t have much time to eat, actually… Ooops.

- I hope you liked my selfie with the bananaasss, jk. But really, I forgot to take picture of those haha

Byeeee <3


Well, I couldn’t finish the Insanity challenge because I got really sick… After recovering, I lost motivation even for eating healthy…

Now, I’m scared to weight myself. And I hate this, because I really need to! Anyway, now I created a new “challenge” to myself! I’ll post everyday this time, yeah, I’m going to annoy you guys on the dashboard… (Just a little bit… :P). So, I’m done with sugar! Exactly, done! Starting tomorrow (06/08/2013 - 04/09/2013), I won’t eat sugar for 30 days.

The first and second days are the worst, but I know it’ll become easier. But to motivate, I NEED to post my progress here. I’m signing on a imaginary contract ;). That’s how committed I am to this!

"See" you tomorrow, whoever is left! Haha, <3.